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Solid Dish Tabs - 15 bag - Lemon

Solid Dish Tabs - 15 bag - Lemon

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No waste, nothing toxic. Clean your dishes without stripping your hands of natural oils. Lemon essential oil helps cut through grease + grime.

Dishwasher: Drop 1-2 tabs into the compartment where the soap normally goes. Safe for high efficiency machines.

Hand washing: Place stopper in sink, run warm/hot water, and either hold tab under running water to begin sudsing, or place tabs in a dish under running water. If water sits and suds disperse, rapidly swish water with hand and bubbles will reappear.

Ingredients: saponified coconut, safflower, + palm oil, vegetable glycerin, oat protien, aloe juice, natural preservative, lemon essential oil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Marty Lynn Hoste
Power tabs in a tiny package.

I just used one of these to clean a stainless steel pan that I had completely burnt black. The only reason I even tried wes because I forgot to take it to the scrap pile at work. Seriously! I couldn't sleep one night so got up and decided on a whim to try this! So amazed. Sweet dreams! Probably saved me $30.00!


I used this in my dishwasher. It created lots of suds! I did use 2 tabs,but will use 1 next time. My dishes are super clean! I am definitely getting this again!

Jenna Kushmer

As a handwashing dish soap:
I am a firm believer in if there isn't suds, it isn't clean. This product has absolutely no lack of suds like other natural dish soaps I've tried. I've also noticed with other natural soaps you get a sort of phlegm (for lack of better words) on your dishes that never seems to go away. I have absolutely NOT experienced that with these. I was *throughly* impressed with the amount of suds this produced AND how well it worked! (Highly recommend following the directions for use to get the full suds effect!) If you're anything like me, sometimes you fill a sink with soap and dishes to let them soak and forget about them for awhile. 😳 Last night I returned to my soaking dishes after about 6 hours, put my sink faucet on shower mode (if that's what it's called,) sprayed some warm water into the sink and THE SUDS RETURNED!!

As a dishwasher tab:
I put this right in the little soap portion of my dishwasher, close it up and run it. I have very hard water at my house and have seriously struggled to find a dish soap that *actually* cleans my dishes. This knocked it out of the park! Dishes came out sparkly clean!

Definite staple in my kitchen!