Menthol Congestion Relief Shower Steamer (2 pack)

Menthol Congestion Relief Shower Steamer (2 pack)

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Take your showering experience to next level with our Congestion Relief Shower Steamer made with natural menthol crystals and essential oils that pack a punch to clear sinuses and ease breathing as well.

These can be used to ease cough & congestion, to relax, lower stress, or soothe minor aches.

DIRECTIONS: Start a warm shower a few minutes before you get in to get the bathroom steamy. Place steamer on the floor or shelf out of direct spray/stream & let warm water melt it away slowly. Or hang from shower head in sachet bag. Breathe in deeply as the oils & menthol vaporize.
** Do not use menthol shower steamers as bath bombs in the bathtub, as it could irritate the skin **
INGREDIENTS: baking soda, kaolin clay, citric acid, cornstarch, aloe juice, grsoeseed oil, natural menthol crystals, EO: peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary

Customer Reviews

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Tara M
Works Wonderfully

I love having these in the shower. Helps clear congestion and sinuses so well!

Perfect for the Winter Months!

These are a "must have" during the winter months when everyone is congested or dealing with cold symptoms. It also has worked wonders for my husband who has had sinus surgery and constantly deals with congestion! Definitely have these on hand at all times!

Breath Easy

You don't have to use these in the shower!! Boil a pan of water bust off a piece and toss it in the water, close your eyes, grab a towel cover your head and inhale deeply. It works wonders!!!


Love love loveeee the relief this gives during flu and cold season!


My absolute go-to for the hubby during "man-cold" season!

FAQ Section

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