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Laundry Detergent

Laundry Detergent

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A deep cleaning, fully biodegradable detergent made from Earth derived ingredients and zero harsh chemicals. Safe for use with HE machines, septic systems & wells.

64 loads - 30oz

Detox Your Laundry & Home

Hypoallergenic, Unscented
∙Cleans Invisible Dirt & Grime
∙Safe for Sensitive Skin
∙Gentle on Fabrics

Free of: Parabens, Dye, SLS/SLES, Optical Brighteners, Petrochemicals, Phoshpates, Nonyphenol Ethoxylate, Hormone Disruptors

This detergent is biodegrade and breaks down naturally. So it is safe to use anywhere. Whether you are camping, adventuring, RVing, traveling abroad, or just at home...our detergent will do the job! It is color safe, septic safe, gray water safe, and the rinse water is not toxic to aquatic life. Compatible with he (high efficiency) or standard machines.

Directions: For a small to medium load, put 2 tablespoons straight into drum with dirty clothes. Friendly reminder - clothing is cleaned better when there is room for it to move, so don't overload washing machine.

Ingredients: Sodium Percarbonate (non-chlorine bleach, whitener), Sodium Carbonate (detergent), Sodium Bicarbonate (odor remover), Sodium Gluconate (binds metals together), Sodium Chloride (buffer, water softener), Non-Toxic Fragrance and Essential Oils

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kim Jensen
The best ever! Lavender Vanilla soap

My clothes are clean and soft! The smell isn't overpowering. I love this scent!

Lavender bergamot laundry detergent

I love this detergent.. the scent is amazing and my clothes are left clean and fresh. I highly recommend this detergent!

Jessica H
Amazing Laundry Powder

Smells great and gets my
Clothes clean. Highly recommend.