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Extreme Muscle Relief Spray with Menthol/Cayenne Extract/MSM Powder

Extreme Muscle Relief Spray with Menthol/Cayenne Extract/MSM Powder

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Tired of tired muscles & joints, and needing reprieve from pain? you need relief on your shoulders or back but no one is around to help you apply?  Whether the pain is from working out, lifting kiddos, moving furniture, or playing will benefit from giving your body a little relief and support. It can also benefit anyone who deals with * Arthritis * Sore Muscles & Joints * Back/Neck Pain * General Aches & Pains * Sprains & Strains * Sore Feet * Tendonitis * Congestion * Nerve Pain

***Different ways of application are below

This fast-acting powerful formula delivers pain relief naturally in joints and muscles, and many different kinds of pain from various causes.  Ideal for hard to reach areas, or to apply more for massage applications on larger muscle areas.  Helps lessen pain, inflammation and swelling.

This blend has been created for adults, not children!

Most other products are made with synthetically sourced menthol. This product is made with naturally sourced menthol crystals, & cayenne extract. Menthol and capsaicin (in cayenne) work by overriding pain signals. Pain is felt when nerve receptors send a signal from the pain point to your spinal cord, then to your brain. The cold and heat sensation blocks nerves that signal pain so you feel a cooling sensation.

Capsaicin is also included in this blend because it has powerful pain-relieving properties when applied to the skin. It reduces the amount of a substance that carries pain messages to the brain and you feel relief.

Some additional uses include: toenail fungus, back pain, colds and flu, congestion, headaches, arthritis or nerve pain, shoulder  neck pain

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) Powder is used for a wide variety of pain management issues, generally regarding joint and muscle inflammation. It helps reduce scar tissue. This compound has been found in many “pain relief” creams with MANY personal testimonies.

***For self-application on your back, lean forward just a bit, hold the bottle up at your shoulder and point sprayer to the back. This keeps the bottle upright to allow it to spray. It is a non-greasy formula so it 'shouldn't' stain clothing even when not rubbed in, but we recommend wearing an old shirt just in case. At least until it is absorbed into your skin.
***For application on feet: helps tremendously with sore and tired feet, plantar fasciitis, or when you need an immune boost (yep! the essential oils in this blend are good for that too). Spray 1 or 2 sprays and massage into feet...and AHhhhh!!!~ it seems to take all of the stress and worries away from the day.
***For congestion relief: As a chest rub, spray 1-2 sprays into hand and apply on chest. For sinus pressure relief: 1 spray in hand, then apply to forehead (avoiding the eyes), sinuses on the side of the nose, or on the back of your neck.

Ingredients ~ (lotion base) Aloe leaf juice, castor oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, Glyceryl Stearate, and Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, glycerin, palm stearic acid, allantoin, hydrolyzed oat protein, zinc oxide, kaolin clay, vitamin E acetate, Prunella vulgaris (heal all) extract, rosemary seed extract, propanediol (naturally derived preservative), ethylhexyl glycerin (naturally derived preservative), and potassium sorbate (food grade preservative). Olive oil, arnica, menthol crystals, cayenne pepper extract, emulsifying wax, natural preserverative, essential oils: black pepper, ginger root cinnamon,clove marjoram,balsam fir,turmeric, rosemary, copaiba, peppermint, wintergreen, eucalyptus.fractionated coconut oil, olive oil, arnica, menthol crystals, cayenne extract, pepper, emulsifying wax, natural preservative, essential oils: black pepper, ginger root cinnamon, clove, marjoram, balsam fir, turmeric, rosemary, copaiba, peppermint, wintergreen, eucalyptus.

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Customer Reviews

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Gary Jahns
Customer appreciation

I would like to thank and praise "Purely Rooted Goods" for more than just a superior and authentic product. My family had been using the pain relief spray for more than chronic aches and pains that normally require Pharmaceutical treatment; the results have been a resounding and the only habitual nature to this or any product is the product works.

As a side note I wish to praise "Purely Rooted Goods" for not only a superior product. This business has been extremely attentive and helpful on a level normally only accociated with someone's personal pharmacist. Both in advising and offer products other than just pain relief. An business that truly offers a personal and caring touch to the interaction with the consumer is both a lost art as well as it provides a strong connection for future needs and wants. I look forward to my future purchases with this business and hope to see it Florist for decades to come.

Shelly whitehair

This trio has done wonders for my neck and lower back pain. I wasn't sure if it would really work when I bought it but fast became the best purchase I have made so far!! Love the smell and how fast it helps the pain.

Ashley Roberts
Works for headaches

I originally bought this for my husband for arthritis but one day I had a headache nothing I tried helped so I grabbed this and sprayed it on my neck which is what causes the headaches. I was surprised when it soothed and took the pain way down. Bonus us it smells good too!

Marty Lynn Hoste
New Favorite

This might be my new favorite product (how can I chose just one?)! I cannot keep your products on my shelf as they get sent home with sick kids. I'm working on getting this one in each house as I consider it an essential. Wonderful Wonderful product ! Thanks girls.