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Breathe Easy Lung Support Tea

Breathe Easy Lung Support Tea

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During seasonal changes and challenges and when you’re exposed to environmental pollutants — your lungs can become inflamed, making it difficult to breathe deeply. Taking herbs for the lungs can help support your respiratory health when you face these issues. Our lungs work hard every day and play a key role in keeping us strong and well. Herbs provide a natural, plant-based option to help your body maintain healthy lung and sinus function, and to support a strong respiratory system.

Ingredient benefits for lung support:

Schisandra has been traditionally used for both dryness or phlegm to help maintain healthy lungs, and respiratory support .
Yarrow is believed to support lung and respiratory health.
Black Cumin Seed has been used for thousands of years as a way to support lung, sinus, and respiratory health.
Plantain (herb) has been used to support a healthy immune response, strong lungs, and a clear respiratory system. Because plantain naturally contains mucilage and has moist cooling properties, it has an inherent ability to support mucous membrane health by soothing occasional irritation.
Licorice Root contains an active ingredient - glycyrrhizic acid - it is 50 times sweeter than sugar. It has traditional uses that support lung function, respiratory strength, and a healthy mucous membrane, helps maintain bronchial health.
Mullein was used by the ancient Greeks who recognized the value for lung health. The dried leaves were traditionally used as a tea supporting pulmonary and respiratory function.
Nettle is used as a way to support the body’s inflammatory response, which, in turn, can contribute to better lung, sinus, and upper respiratory health.
Turmeric has curcumin, antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effects which can be beneficial for supporting lung function.
Feverfew is believed to have painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties., reduces the release of an inflammatory substance, and slows down the production of a chemical transmitter in your body called histamine.
Ginger has anti-inflammatory qualities, and causes bronchodilation in asthmatic patients, making it easier to breathe. It helps support efficient lung function during seasonal transitions and when exposed to environmental pollutants.
Oregano has been used for centuries to help support a healthy immune system.
Oregano contains carvacrol and rosmarinic acid, both of which are believed to be natural decongestants and antihistamines., helps maintain healthy lung function.
Oregon Grape is an excellent way to help support lung and respiratory health. When your immune system is working at 100%, it can better fight off challenges from seasonal changes and environmental pollutants to keep your lungs clear.
Ginseng inhibits lung inflammation
Fenugreek (Methi) are known to be good for lung health., antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, has positive effects on our lungs and prevent respiratory troubles

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Bought this breathe easy tea for my grandpa. Was in and out of the hospital with all kinds of different upper respiratory issues and infections. Knowing he was a tea lover I wanted something that would give a sense of relief to some of those issues. And guess what, it did! After a few cups of tea here and there. He was feeling a bit better. Had just a little bit of crudiness left, but felt relief!