Blemish Fighting Facial Cleanser

Blemish Fighting Facial Cleanser

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Charcoal binds to toxins, so say goodbye to all the dirt and oil that clogs your pores, and hello to clean fresh skin.


Witch hazel hydrosol, green tea hydrosol, hibiscus hydrosol, chamomile extract, silk aminos,  decyl glucocide, laurel glucocide, vitamin C, vitamin E, niacinamide (vit B3), vitamin B5, vitamin B6, sodium alginate, lactic acid, cPropanediol,  ethylhexyl glycerin, potassium sorbate, safflower oil, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil, charcoal powder


Acne / Clogged Pores


Shake well, recommended 3 pumps. 



Customer Reviews

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This stuff is pure magic! I’ve been struggling with adult cystic acne for about a year now. I’ve tried so many different products over the year and nothing helped at all. I came across this company while scrolling on TikTok one day and I’m so thankful I did! I’ve been issuing this product for about 2 weeks now and I’m so happy to say I woke up today with ZERO acne on my face! I cried when I looked in the mirror this morning. Leading up to this I would use at night before bed and every morning I would wake up to my cystic pimples at a head. I’m so thankful I found this product and I am now a forever client!

I also had a problem with one of my products parts not working when I first got my product. I sent them a message asking for just that replacement part, since the product wasn’t damaged, and they were so quick to reply and send out a replacement part! I just got my package today and they sent another full size product! They are been so kind and incredible to work with! If I could give higher than 5 stars I would!

In love! ♥️

Makes my face so clean and has already helped with my breakouts 😍

Samantha Nguyen
Refreshing and smells AMAZING

This cleanser is rejuvenating and gives me something to look forward to during my morning and nightly routine! I literally let the product sit in my hands and cup it over my face and inhale for a moment to decompress the stresses of the day. I can’t help but feel completely at ease and relaxed after using this. I use this in conjunction with the acne spot treatment and notice that the inflammation from acne goes down by the next day. So far, am loving all of the smells and results from these products!

FAQ Section

We purchase only high quality, pure ingredients (and organic whenever possible) to give you the best finished product possible. We only purchase from our trusted suppliers & always check how each ingredient is sourced prior to purchasing.

Make sure your products stay closed tightly to maintain freshness. Store in a cool space.