Why Should I Be Using Natural Sunscreen?

Why Should I Be Using Natural Sunscreen?

We all know that sunscreen helps prevent sunburns, skin damage, and skin cancer, but trying to figure out what ingredients are bad for you can make it hard to choose a product. What ingredients should you be avoiding and why?

Over 70% of commercial sunscreens use a chemical called Oxybenzone. This ingredient is made from petroleum and is a known endocrine disrupter. Meaning, it can mimic and/or interfere with your hormones.

Sunscreens made with non-nano zinc oxide offer instant protection, while chemical sunscreen absorbs the UV rays.

Top ingredients you want to avoid in sunscreen?

  • Oxybenzone
  • Octinoxate (A.K.A. octyl methoxycinnamate)
  • Avobenzone
  • Mineral oil
  • Homosalate
  • PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid)

On top of all that - Natural Sunscreen is much safer to be worn in bodies of water, including the ocean. The chemicals found in commercial sunscreens have been found to contribute to coral bleaching & slow their growth. And sunscreen washed off in the shower can flow through water treatment systems into local waterways.

What's in the Sunshade Sunscreen?

The ingredients we carefully chose for our sunscreen are Castor oil, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Raspberry Seed oil, Tamanu oil, Avocado oil, Carrot Seed oil, Beeswax, Non-Nano Zinc Oxid, Vitamin E, Arrowroot Powder, Aloe Juice, Witch Hazel, Natural Preservative, Essential Oils: Lavender, Carrot Seed, Helichrysum, Ylang Ylang, & Frankincense.

What type of protection does the Sunshade Sunscreen have?

SPF 30

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