Masks are creating increased cases of acne around the mouth and nose due to the combo of pandemic stress PLUS creating an increased moisture-rich environment is resulting in acne mechanica. In the summer heat, it can definitely make it worse. Using chemicals and acids to treat acne will further damage your skin and make it even MORE sensitive.

So the question is - How do we both stay safe and protect our already delicate skin? Lets find out...


Putting on a mask with makeup on can do some real damage - especially if the makeup you are wearing is a heavy foundation. The combination of makeup, perspiration, and friction under that mask can severely irritate the skin.

In fact, the mask can even push makeup further into the pores - which isn't doing your skin any good.

If you insist on wearing makeup - or it's a routine you need for normalcy's sake - try using natural mineral makeup instead of the heavy stuff. We have a great line of light makeup you can find here - pair it with some mascara and you're good to go.


If you're wearing your mask and see smudges of your foundation on the inside when you take your mask off... Wash your mask. If you put your mask on after days of regular use and notice a odor of sweat... Wash your mask. Even if you are immune to sweating... Wash your mask.

Besides containing bacteria, the particles within your mask can also cause inflammation in your skin. Essentially - moisture particles from your breath will get stuck beneath the mask, along with some of your own bacteria.


It is crucial to wash your face before putting on your mask AND after taking it off.

Even though you have your mask on, your face is still preparing to take on the world - AKA it builds up more sebum to protect the skin from UV rays and pollutants - but that will also mix with the dirt, bacteria, and sweat that clog your pores.

This is why it's necessary to wash your face with a mild face wash to wash away all that extra grime. You don't want to completely strip your skin of the natural sebum, so go for a pure cleanser - like our line of natural cleansers.

It is possible to stay safe, follow the rules, and have flawless skin!

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