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Laundry Tabs - 15 bag - Lemon

Laundry Tabs - 15 bag - Lemon

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Clean your laundry without toxic chemicals.
A mix of gentle, grime-busting ingredients makes this laundry soap safe for even the most sensitive skin. Saponified coconut oil lifts stains and deep cleans, while baking soda and essential oils zap undesirable odors and replace them with no scent, just clean.

For a small to medium load, drop 1 tab straight into drum with dirty clothes. Friendly reminder~ clothing is cleaned better when there is room for it to move, so don't overload washing machine.

Safe for use with HE machines, septic systems and wells.

Ingredients: saponified coconut, safflower, + palm oil, vegetable glycerin, oat protien, baking soda, washing soda, epsom salt, citric acid, white distilled vinegar, natural preservative, lemon essential oil

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Customer Reviews

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Diane R
They're clean!

Clean cloths with no nasty fake smells! Yes!!!!!


I have *never* had my clothes so clean! It does not keep a lemon scent so if you aren't a lemon fan that's okay! Once used your clothes smells like.... nothing. It's hard to describe what actually clean smells like! (I believe the lemon is added as a natural degreaser, which this definitely does. ) I have a HE washer and I just throw the tab in the drum before I add clothes! Highly recommend not loading your washer too full for full effects and also to not break your washer. 😊

(If you're looking for a scent to stay with your laundry check out the aromatherapy scents to spray on dryer balls in dryer!)