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All Purpose Cleaning Tabs - 15 bag - Lemon

All Purpose Cleaning Tabs - 15 bag - Lemon

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Clean your home without toxic chemicals. This formulation helps cut through grease + grime, kills bacteria and disinfects, removes soap scum & hard water stains. 

SPRAY CLEANER DIRECTIONS: Drop 1 tab into 8 oz of warm water. Let dissolve & shake to completely combine. For extra strength, add an extra tab and/or more vinegar.

Once water is added, it can be used on floors, walls, countertops, and more. This formula is free from anything artificial including fragrance.
For scrubbing tough projects: place 1 tab in bowl with 2 tbsp water, crush and make a paste. Add more water if needed. USE CLEANER WITHIN 1 MONTH AFTER ADDING WATER

Ingredients: saponified coconut, safflower, + palm oil, vegetable glycerin, oat protien, baking soda, citric acid, white distilled vinegar, natural preservative, lemon essential oil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Marty Lynn Hoste

There are my go-to when I really can't get something clean. Most of the time I rub the tab right on the item that I'm frustrated with. They should be called "Never Fail All Purpose Cleaning Tabs!"

Kim Jensen
Love it!

The first time I used it on my counter I couldn't believe the dirt on the towel! I always clean my counter off,and thought it was clean. Once again, Purely Rooted Goods doesn't disappoint! Thank you!


I've been looking for a good *natural* cleaner that doesn't only consist of vinegar and water. Vinegar is great, but sometimes I just don't want to smell it. 😂 I love the smell of the solution these make! Also... this works. Like... SO good. Spilled coffee? ✔️ Dirt and mud off vinyl floors? ✔️ Soap scum off of bathtub? ✔️ Spilled grape juice? ✔️. The possibilities are endless for messes my kids and dogs make, happy to have this in my corner to help clean them. 😂